Ethiopia’s Tomorrow, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, acts as a ministry organization established for public purposes and for the good of the community and nation. ET provides resources to African orphanages in remote village areas where essentials like food, clothing, shelter, medical supplies, and educational resources are scarce. We help raise monetary funds as well as send supplies to assist the needy people of Africa.

Ethiopia’s Tomorrow supports the work of Abune Andreas Orphanage in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. The organization’s founder and treasurer, Emmebeth Mischel, was raised at Abune Andreas, and it is her and Ethiopia’s Tomorrow’s wish to help Abune Andreas in their good work. Abune Andreas needs this support in order to continue operations. In the future, Ethiopia’s Tomorrow looks to expand the programs to help other orphanages throughout Ethiopia.

How We Plan to Help

Ethiopia’s Tomorrow helps to provide the children of Abune Andreas with food, clothing, medicine (first aid kits, vitamins, over the counter medicines) and school supplies. In order to maximize the value of donated funds, Ethiopia’s Tomorrow will solicit donations of clothing and medicine, as well as purchase these items in the United States and ship these to Abune Andreas. Perishable food items will be purchased in Ethiopia and distributed directly to the orphanage.

Ethiopia’s Tomorrow also helps to support the education of Abune Andreas’s children by purchasing local-language textbooks and school supplies. In addition, Ethiopia’s Tomorrow make sponsorship opportunities available to those who wish to directly support the education of a child at Abune Andreas. These sponsorship opportunities will help provide for a child’s monthly tuition at one of the Private schools near the orphanage.

Ethiopia’s Tomorrow will count on the support of local Churches, Temples, community groups, and schools in order to make our work possible.


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