Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Abune Andreas orphanage and St. Marry’s school of Medagdu in Ethiopia.

We were able to distribute some school supplies including backpacks for the children at St. Marry’s school of Medagdu  and Abune Andreas orphanage in Ethiopia. All the children were very happy and excited for all the supplies that were given to them. We had also an opportunity to discuss with high school kids in Medagdu.  Currently most of the students are not able to continue through high school because of mainly not affording to pay $10  a month for rent.  Since there are no high school in their village, either they have to walk 5 hours   every day or they have to find a small room where they could stay and attend high school. Ethiopia’s Tomorrow foundation strongly believe in educating all children. We are trying our best to assist all the students who eagerly want to advance their education. With all your support, we plan to help them pay their rent for some students this coming September. We want to give all children a chance to finish their education. Our girls in Abune Andreas orphanage are doing amazingly great. They are growing strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. We are very happy with all their success in school and orphanage. Thanks to all our supporters. We couldn’t have done this with out your help.


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