I had an amazing time delivering first aid kits to the people of Hammer in Ethiopia. The trip took two days from Addis Ababa. I have stopped in a lot of villages on the way and met with so many great kids. As you might know from reading my story on our website, Hammer region were the place where I have gotten into a car accident and really damaged my right hand.That was a region where I have witnessed that the children could really benefit from having First aid kits. I was very excited also to see the nurses who had helped with stitching my arm from my previous accident. I was able to deliver First aid kits and some t-shirts to two different clinic in the area. I hope to go back and visit with some more basic medicines that are needed in the clinic in the near future.

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God bless you with your thought !!!I love the story I’m willing to help as I can…

Thank you so much for your interest in helping us to help others. We need your help.

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